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in-the-loop aims to bring you quality business articles... with a special focus on critical issues faced by businesses on the www.

At present, in-the-loop's primary writer is eMasters' CEO, Raymond Siew — eMasters has been on the www since 2002, and Ray's articles in in-the-loop are a distillation of his experience, lessons learnt and personal insights gleaned from running (and growing) an online business in this fast-changing, volatile environment. Ray also writes The Spiritual Realist column for It's My Life! (eMasters' lifestyle ezine). You can read more about Ray in his bio.

We also plan to feature guest writers in the coming months.

in-the-loop is currently an unscheduled publication.

Business topics covered in in-the-loop Ezine...

Below are some of the topics Ray plans to cover — He will not write in any particular order and may add new topics he thinks will be of interest to our readers.

  • What is Consultancy - and how does it Work?
  • The Difference between a Product and a Service
  • The Difference between an Online Product and an Offline Product
  • Do Business Plans Work on the WWW?
  • The First Step in Your Business Model is Designing Your Product
  • What is Attraction Marketing?
  • The Business of Design vs. Designing
  • Self-Employment - Is there such a thing?
  • Spirituality & Coaching
  • The Nature of Opportunity
  • The Different Climate on the Business and Technical Ends
  • The Business of Publishing on the WWW
  • Strategy & Tactics - Lessons from the Game of Chess
  • The Sub-Conscious Mind - Lessons from the Game of Bridge
  • How do Meeting Agendas Work?

If there is a particular topic you would like Ray to cover, do send a request and Ray will try to oblige, time permitting.

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