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Welcome to in-the-loop - eMasters' Business Ezine

in-the-loop explores a “different” approach to doing business...

in-the-loop's primary writer is eMasters' CEO, Raymond Siew. Ray views things from a different perspective, and believes that spirituality CAN be practised in business.

In fact, Ray believes that truly successful business people practise the spiritual principles of the laws of attraction — He defines SUCCESS as having sufficient material wealth for you to lead the life you want... without sacrificing the core values of who you are — True success comes with contentment, serenity, a healthy family, community and spiritual life. And he doesn't believe that spiritualists should be poor!

Also check out Ray's column - The Spiritual Realist - in eMasters' lifestyle ezine, or have a look at his bio.

in-the-loop is currently an unscheduled publication.

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Business topics covered in in-the-loop Ezine...

Below are some of the topics Ray plans to cover — He will not write in any particular order and may add new topics he thinks will be of interest to our readers.

  • The Business of Coaching - from the Spiritual Point of View
  • What is Consultancy - and how does it Work?
  • The Difference between a Product and a Service
  • Do Business Plans Work on the WWW?
  • The Business of Design vs. Designing
  • Self-Employment - Is there such a thing?
  • The Nature of Opportunity
  • The Different Climate on the Business and Technical Ends
  • The Business of Publishing on the WWW
  • Lessons from the Game of Chess
  • Lessons from the Game of Bridge
  • How do Meeting Agendas Work?

If there is a particular topic you would like Ray to cover, do send a request and Ray will try to oblige, time permitting.

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