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Understanding the Parts AND the Whole

You can use advertising & promotions to develop your business and if you have a global product, the WWW offers a fantastic avenue to do so.

Sun Tsu says that a prerequisite to winning a battle is to first understand the battleground... and the WWW is a unique one with many competing products. The psychology of buying on the net is different.

As an example, let's take a typical (although simplified) chain of events, remembering that your stategy is only as good as your weakest link:


You start off with a good, well-designed adcopy with captivating taglines/captions: One that will induce people to click on your link — Ideally you want to place this in a clutter-free environment so people have a chance to even notice your ad. And you want to place it together with good, relevant content to get to your targeted audience. Why good content? Because if the content is not good, there won't be readers. And if there are no readers...?

Then you need to know that buyers typically click on a link that they have seen an average of 7-8 times. An alternative is to place yourself in various strategic positions to increase exposure. If you have taken care of all these details, you are likely to get good clickthroughs to your website.

Say the potential buyer is now on your site... looking at your landing page (the first page your ad link takes them to on your website) — This may be a sales letter, telling the buyer why your product is something they want to acquire — Now this is an important step. Different people buy for different reasons. If you are convincing, then they will search for other relevant "comfort" information: Testimonials of previous happy customers, further technical information, etc. If they are satisfied, they will now explore your price. If the price is competitive they will BUY. And you now have a customer/client.

BUT what happens if there is a break in the chain? Let's see what can go wrong —
Say you get them to click through and then they get lost on your website. They can't find the information they need to follow through.

Or let's say they have all the information they need in a well presented form... BUT your sales process is so convoluted that they give up in exasperation.
Studies have shown that the typical online buyer is a person pressed for time — If they leave your site they are not likely to return — So to succesfully advertise, you need to consider the whole chain of events. Not just one or two aspect but ALL relevant ones.

Advertising is one route. The other is via promotions.


The job of promotions is to get the reader/potential buyer interested in what you have to sell BEFORE they visit your site — It could be fine art, jewelry, a holiday destination, products/services to address some aspect of your health, a spiritual retreat, etc. NOTE: The buyer's interest may be piqued ONLY if the information comes from a trusted source.

To me, the job of promotions is also to get the potential buyer to connect, both intellectually and emotionally, with the source of information: To experience vicariously what fine art is about, what the holiday would mean to them..... To experience and to see through the source's eyes. And if that is what they want for themselves, they will want to visit the website for more.

The promotional route is slightly different. Why? Because readers are already partially convinced/converted — Because of that, they may be willing to put up with a little more inconvenience to acquire your product/service. But price may still matter. And if it's a holiday destination, for instance, then the fact that you're offering a package that includes air tickets, accommodation, etc can be a determining factor. Many clients shopping around for holidays/vacations/a piece of jewelry or art/etc are lost between the moment of decision and other intervening events.

But similarly with promotions (as it is with advertising), if any PART of the chain of events do not work, then the WHOLE will not work — No matter what you want to sell or promote on the net, work out your chain of events for your particular product/industry. And... keep in mind how things work on the WWW.

Evaluating If We Are Right For You

Look at your product. Is it one that would be more likely to sell if our readership connects to your work? How would that connection come about? We've discovered that having your work lovingly described by someone else who appreciates it often brings out new elements and perspectives — That may be all you need to separate yourself from the pack.

Doing Business With in-the-loop

in-the-loop is a commercial enterprise. Please note that since we are a free ezine, our income comes primarily from our advertising and promotions. in-the-loop does not trade "content" for editorial space etc.

However, we are occasionally open to substantive quid pro quos.

I hope for your understanding and support to enable us to continue to bring you this ezine for free.

Raymond Siew
Business Development
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